Model Yoga Season 3 Episode 107:30
This episode’s focus is the First Chakra or the Root Chakra, the Muladhara Chakra. The First Chakra is where you hold your stability, trust and connection with yourself. Being a Model can lead to a lot of traveling to beautiful foreign places and today’s class will help you to feel at home wherever your modeling career may take you.
The In Thing Womenswear Weekend08:00
A weekend devoted to women, featuring collections exclusively for the ladies and designers/brands who have perfected womenswear patterns and silhouettes.
Front Row08:30
From Paris and Milan to New York and Tokyo, we leave no fashion week, runway or collection uncovered.
19:00The In Thing Womenswear Weekend
19:30Shades of Summer
20:00Video Fashion News
21:30Fashion Focus
22:00Fashion on a Plate Season 3 Episode 1
22:30The In Thing Intimates
23:00Ready-to-Wear: The Maximalist
23:30Ready-to-Wear: The New Minimal
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 22, 2017 14:30</i><br><br>An episodic take on Ready-to-Wear, dissecting the apparent elements of ready-to-wear collections presented on the runway. From colors, to textures, prints and takes on wardrobe, we take a look into each season’s offering for ready-to-wear fashion.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 27, 2017 02:30</i><br><br>Men of excellence who excel in their respective fields of fashion such as modelling, directing, style icons and become an inspiration to many.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 29, 2017 14:30</i><br><br>Designers from all over the world were inspired by simpler times and simpler designs, and put the word ‘minimalism’ back on our radars. If this year’s runways have shown us anything, it’s that the key to looking stylish this year is keeping it simple.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 31, 2017 02:00</i><br><br>Unpacking the best of footwear from the globe’s leading style capitals, in a comprehensive showcase of the entire spectrum of footwear brands, from high-fashion designer collections to the large branded businesses and even underground labels you’ve never heard before; Giving you the premiere trends of shoe collections for men and women.